What is Gator Connect?

What is Gator Connect?

Gator Connect’s Site Dashboard gets you to thedata that you need. Our site’s dashboard gives you quick access to all of yourfacilities. Whether you are at your desktop or in the field with a mobiledevice, the dashboard, gets you to the resources you need, in real-time. Ouronline program gives you access to the following features:

-Email roof related inquiries in the system tocreate a permanent record of all correspondence related to that property.

-Print reports in HTML and PDF formats thatemail from the system.

-Export data to Excel to build your ownreports in seconds

-Get to the properties you need to access withsearch, filter, and sort tools.

-Check the properties you are interested invisiting and map their locations at the click of a button.

Our innovative mobile app keeps you up to dateon all of your commercial roofing projects.

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